I combine a Master’s in Human Movement Sciences with years of "in the trenches" experience as a trainer and national level powerlifting champion.

personal training

My aim is to help you develop a sustainable and efficient relationship with your health and athleticism, regardless of your skill level.

train the trainers

Learn to optimally train your clients while keeping their injury rates low with my methods of movement analysis, weak point identification, and programming.

You bring your energy and motivation
and I will make sure it is well spent.


"Training with Bryan is great. He truly takes your training to a new level. He tailors training programs and has vasts amounts of knowledge. In addition to making you work hard, he explains the logic behind each exercise. This allows you to (finally) understand what you are doing and increase your performance. Also, he's a nice guy."

tim hofman, tv producer

“I was one of Bryan’s students during my internship at Vondelgym. His guidance was vital to my own development as a trainer. We discussed, put in to practice, trained and discussed a bit more: I’m still using his approach on evidence-based strength training on myself and on my own clients”

Jermaine campbell, personal trainer

"It’s been excellent working with Bryan. With him, you access incredible depth of knowledge coupled with a real passion for his craft. Hard work, yet transformative. It’s set me up for PBs in running and cycling in my early 40s, as well as a new understanding of fitness and general good health."

Daniel quinn, marketeer

"Bryan is an excellent trainer. He’s training me for about five years now and he still challenges and corrects me every session, knowing the anatomy of the human body in general and my weaknesses and strengths.

With a new program every couple of weeks training is never boring and my body is still getting stronger and more toned, even after five years of training with Bryan twice a week.”

Karen berg, lawyer

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