Bryan Wolters
MSc. Human Movement Sciences, former powerlifter, and current trainer at Vondelgym Amsterdam.
Deborah Louz
BSc. Computer Science, former TeamNL taekwondo World medallist, current CrossFit (gymnastics) coach at Vondelgym
Nurdin Pattipilohy
Certified nutritionist and intimate lover of food. Coaches at the Vondelgym in Amsterdam.
J. Nyakayiru Ph.D, M. Overkamp Ph.D(c) and L. Hilkens (MSc). Exercise and Nutrition metabolism researchers at Maastricht University, sharing practical research knowledge through SportSciencePro.
SportSciencePro & Bryan Wolters
Thijs Haasnoot
Personal trainer and powerlifting coach at Vondelgym
Tom van Iersel
MSc. Human Movement Sciences, owner of Kettlebell Outdoor Amsterdam, and trainer at Vondelgym